Baby Ugg Boots + Headband Set


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Everybody likes flowers amongst the rain, so why not add a touch of pizazz and sparkle to our genuine leather, lace-up UGG Boots with our gorgeous satin and jewel flower set? From the soft silvery hues through to the striking hot pinks, the Baby UGG Boot flower laces provide a palette that will captivate the individuality and expression of every little girl. To complete this look, the satin flower laces and colourful children’s UGG Boots come packaged with a matching flower headband to ensure this gorgeous floral theme can be carried from head to toe.

Our UGG Boot Sets are packed in an attractive acrylic gift box making it a very practical and stylish gift option!

True to Australian culture the UGG Boots are a great thermodynamic alternative to shoes, so your child’s feet will remain toasty throughout the colder months and cooler in the warmer weather.

  • 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE UGG Boots.  Australian Made Product
  • 100% AUSTRALIAN SHEEPSKIN in the highest quality grade.
  • Warm, comfortable and easy lace up UGG Boots.
  • Matching Floral shoe lace and headband.
  • Additional set of plain laces are also included.
  • Flowers are made with fine quality chiffon and satin layers.
  • Flower headbands are attached to an easy to use elastic band to ensure they stay in place throughout the day.
  • Flower headbands stretch for a perfect fit everytime.
  • Flower headbands fits small baby to your 10 year old child allowing this headband to be worn for years to come.
  • Available in a range of gleaming colours to match the style of many outfits and personalities for any little miss fashionista.
  • UGG Boot sizes ranging for your 6 month old baby to your 2 year old child.
  • Packaged in a beautiful acrylic gift box

Available in Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months.

Available Designs:

  • Ice White UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + White Large Flower Headband
  • Grey UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + Silver Large Flower Headband
  • Natural UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + Ivory Large Flower Headband
  • Natural UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + Apricot Large Flower Headband
  • Pink UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + Pink Large Flower Headband
  • Black UGGS with Floral Laces + Plain Laces + Hot Pink Large Flower Headband


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Wholesale, Dropship


Ice White UGGS + White Large Flower Headband, Grey UGGS + Silver Large Flower Headband, Natural UGGS + Ivory Large Flower Headband, Natural UGGS + Apricot Large Flower Headband, Pink UGGS + Pink Large Flower Headband, Black UGGS + Hot Pink Large Flower Headband


0-6 months, 12-24 months, 6-12 months


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