Why use Wholesale Baby?

  • Wholesale Baby saves you time and costs you nothing.
  • Wholesale Baby is a Brisbane-based wholesale sales agency supplying online and bricks-and-mortar stores with giftware, toys, baby goods, maternity needs and more.
  • We are NOT a Distribution Company, we are a team of agents representing a vast range of brands.
  • Wholesale Baby offers personalised service at no cost to the retailer.

The benefits of working with Wholesale Baby include:

  • Access to a large variety of goods from budget to high-end, local to international, plus specialist, eco and handmade.
  • One contact for an ever-increasing collection of products.
  • The prices you see are the set wholesale prices for each Brand, Wholesale Baby receives a commission from the Brands, not from the retailer.
  • A personal touch; we care about our retailers as much as we care about our brands. You can expect honesty, advice and unparalleled service from us.

What are the minimum order amounts?

Each of our brands have different low minimum orders (MOA) or quantities (MOQ), however, you will find they are all very flexible and some don’t even have a minimum order. If you submit an order that has not reached the minimums required we will notify you. We would rather you order smaller amount and sell through it quicker and place re-orders to suit you, the last thing we want is for you to be stuck with allot of stock and cash flow tied up in just one brand.

Do the MOA/MOQ apply to drop-shipping?

As drop-shipping is different to wholesale, none of the minimums listed on any of our brands apply to drop-shipping.

Supply to online stores?

Yes we do supply to online stores, some of our brands may have reached capacity with online stores but we will let you know if there is ever any issue processing your order to become a stockist.

Do all Brands drop-ship / What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is when you list a product on your website without actually holding stock. When you receive an order you send your customers details to us with the order and we send the order direct to the Brand. There is usually a small price difference between wholesale and drop-shipping to cover costs such as picking, packing, sending, fees, etc. You can find out more information on our blog – Everything you need to know about Drop-shipping!

Please note that not all the Brands we represent offer drop-shipping. Brands currently available for drop-shipping:

IMPORTANT: Please notify us when you list drop-shipping items on your website so we can notify the Brand and ensure you receive any stock notices as well as listed as a Stockist with the Brand. You can download Photos from the Images Tab under each Brand on our website once you have registered and signed in.

NOTE: <DISPATCH TIME FRAME> Each of the Wholesale Baby Brands available for drop-ship have quick dispatch times once payment has been received. <STOCK AVAILABILITY> Some Brands have stock availability listed on the current order forms available for download from the Order Form Tab under each Brand on our website, some will email with any stock discrepancies and some have a live stock update available to view listed on each product on our website. There is no perfect system unfortunately sometimes stock discrepancies do happen.

How much is delivery and when orders received?

This varies depending on your order size, what brand it is, the brands location in reference to your location. This is always determined once we have your order and will be shown on your invoice. If the invoice has listed a high postage amount you feel is questionable, you can cancel the order, however we rarely come across this type of situation. Different brands use different shipping methods from Australia Post to couriers and some of our international brands are different again. Orders are dispatched once payment is made (or alternatively payment methods), orders can arrive anywhere from overnight or up to 1 week, in some cases pending from and to locations, it can take up to 4 weeks.

What are the taxes and fees involved in ordering an overseas brand not yet located in Australia?

Again this will be determined on the size of your order, but we would recommend your orders for our overseas brands be less than $1,000 AUD including delivery. For example, if your order comes to $900 AUD inc shipping it should be delivered straight to you with no additional charges. If you place a large international import order then expect to get approx a 10% duty fee and have to pay 10% GST plus clearance charges, however, you will need to speak to your local customs or a customs broker.

Is GST charged?

Some of our brands are registered for GST and some are not registered for GST. If a Brand is registered for GST, it will show a GST amount on Order Invoices. If you see GNR listed on an Order Invoice, this means the Brand is not GST registered.

ALL wholesale prices on our website are the total amount, for those Brands registered, these prices are GST inclusive.

Pre-orders, how do they work?

Some of our brands, mostly clothing labels, work on pre-orders (also known as indent orders for clothing). Where you may have to order 6-12 months prior to delivery and there may also be a small deposit required. This information will always be stated on a pre-order/indent order form.

Payment options available and when do invoices need to be paid?

Each Brand will invoice you separately (except our Distributors that may carry more than one Brand) and each brand has their own payment options available. Most accept Bank Deposit, Paypal and Credit Card. Some brands may charge a surcharge for PayPal or Credit Card. Nearly every order is pro-forma which means you need to pay before the products are dispatched. Once your payment clears then usually product will dispatch within 24 hours. Some brands may offer you a 7-30 day account for regular stockists. Some Brands also offer local pick up. Whichever options are available, these will all be listed on each Brands invoice.

Permission to sell and promote products where?

Products are only to be sold via your approved Brick & Mortar physical store or your online store as per your Wholesale Baby Registration. No eBay, auction sites, social media only stores or similar without seeking prior approval. We encourage all stores to promote products on social media but not have the “comment sold” in a photo album selling method. You can advertise products and have a link to your site. After all, you want the customer going to your website otherwise they can become “lazy” and only buy from Facebook all the while not visiting your wonderful website that offers additional products. If you are ever unsure please send us a link to check out and we will let you know if it’s not suitable. Pop up stores are okay in shopping centres but brand approval if you are going to be doing this with our products, its very important that we know where products are being sold as some locations have exclusivity. This also applies to markets and expos, you need prior approval for each time as it’s very common for there to be multiple stockists wanting to attend the same market/expo.

Are you a Wholesaler looking for a sales agency to represent you in Australia?

See our page: Become a Brand represented by Wholesale Baby