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Want your own PayPal URL link? PayPal.Me information and tips

PayPal.Me tips and information for your business

How can PayPal.Me help your business?

Wholesale Baby are all about finding new things that work and are in the right direction… Everything that helps us to save time and make things easier on ourselves, our business, B2B as well as our customers! You can now have your own FREE PayPal URL, for business and personal! Check out So many people don’t understand the concept of “send money” so this is going to be great for those who use the send money option.

PayPal.Me is a faster, easier way to get paid through PayPal. Get paid quickly for the goods or services you sell. Your customers will love the ease and enjoy PayPal’s Buyer Protection on eligible transactions. Your customers don’t have to know your email address or mobile number, or even have to have the PayPal app, they just tap on your URL, sign in and make payment, it is that simple!

See some examples:



  • PayPal.Me links are mobile friendly
  • PayPal.Me is not set up or available in every country just yet, see a list here:
  • URL link names are limited to 20 characters, only use letters and numbers and not case sensitive.
  • All the info you need is here: 

PayPal.Me tips and information for your business


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