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Downloadable Social Media schedule template for all business types

Social Media 4 week rotational schedule TEMPLATE

4 week rotational social media schedule

Downloadable template

Tracey Churchill from Wholesale Baby (Wholesale Sales Rep specialising in babies and kids industry) and sister company; Little People and Me (Babies & Kids Online Wholesaler, Distributor & Retailer) does not profess to be an expert on social media by any means! However, Tracey has been managing multiple social media accounts for well over 10 years, started back in the Myspace days! ***kids these days probably have no idea what that was*** From service based businesses, events and product businesses. In addition, Tracey also completed sessions with Social Media Managers and contracted Social Media Managers to complete work. Creating this social media schedule has been a very drawn out process over the years that is forever changing, always tweaking to get it right!

Social Media Managers have even adapted the template for their own clients…
I guess I must be doing something right?
Tracey x

The social media schedule template is based around a Wholesaler and Retailer in the babies and kids industry, however, this can really be used as a guide to tailor to any industry or type of business be it product or service based. Nearly everything you can think of has been listed in the schedule, it is up to you to amend it to tailor to your needs.

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  1. Rotational Schedule Calendar:
    • A four week, 7 days calendar with allocations for items to be scheduled morning, lunch and night. Each week has a week number and a colour code which matches to “Schedule Dates & week numbers” tab. Use the times that suit your audience best for each day. One day the morning might be 6am and the next might be 9am. I recommend starting to post things at all different times to suit your audience, don’t rule out a 1am post! You will be able to gauge by interaction and statistics what suits your audience best.
  2. Schedule Dates & week numbers:
    • Week number and colour code corresponds to the week listed on the “Rotational Schedule Calendar” tab. This is where you add all your notes for each week, forward planning is essential here. Whilst there are multiple columns with POTW, Recipes, Blogs etc. this is just a guide, you can replace these with your own content that is ongoing content.
  3. Schedule Post Guide:
    • This is where it gets really full on… FB/IG/IN are checkboxes for scheduling. Note: Online the checkbox works but frustratingly will not export to the .xlsx download properly, they say True for ticked and False for unticked. You have been set up with notes, social media description ideas so you can simply copy, paste and tweak each post. As well as some very basic hashtag ideas, this will help to get you started!
  4. Blog Post Guide:
    • A simple template to use similar to the above tab.

{Click the picture below to go to the TEMPLATE SPREADSHEET ONLINE}
Social Media 4 week rotational schedule TEMPLATE - Tabs collage numbered

If the picture above does not take you to the template spreadsheet, copy and paste the link below:
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